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Lone Pine Publishing

Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide

Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide

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This book is a straightforward, practical guide for taking care of yourself (and others) in a survival situation with crucial, basic survival skills required for an emergency situation during all four seasons in all wilderness areas of Canada.

• Understanding the importance of being prepared
• Learning basic short-term bushcraft skills
• Types and use of tools, equipment, strategies and techniques required for successful survival (and rescue) in the wilderness.

Readers will learn essential wilderness survival skills for each region of Canada and learn about environmental hazards such as; weather, predators and regional terrain, emergency first aid, search and rescue. Filled with useful illustrations and diagrams, the Canadian Survival Guide will provide instruction on such outdoor survival techniques as shelter construction/location, fire making, water requirements and acquisition, signaling, hunting and trapping techniques, animal signs and identification, fishing, gathering, foraging for berries and wild edibles and plant identification. Whether you find yourself stranded in the dense rainforests of British Columbia or on the tundra of Northern Canada, the Canadian Survival Guide will get you out in one piece.


From the back cover:

No other country rivals Canada for its vast tracts of inhospitable terrain and often deadly harsh weather, especially during winter.  

The Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide is a straightforward, practical guide for anyone who ventures into the Canadian outdoors, from novices who go out for a hike and run into trouble to more experienced outdoorspeople who journey into Canada's wilderness where danger lurks.

The Canadian wilderness offers no guarantees.

This book covers everything you need to know to safely enjoy the Canadian outdoors in every season:

  • Preparing and planning your trip
  • Choosing proper gear and equipment
  • Essential wilderness survival skills
  • Foraging, fishing and trapping
  • Finding safe drinking water
  • Finding and building shelters
  • Cold weather survival
  • Navigation
  • Fire-starting

With useful advice and tips from experienced outdoorsman, Duane Radford, this guide will also cover vital outdoors topics including:

  • Wilderness first aid
  • Survival kits
  • skills and tools for if you get lost, such as the survival rule of four and the STOP method
  • A list of native Canadian edible and poisonous plants
  • Wildlife safety
  • And so much more

Whether you find yourself stranded in the dense rainforests of British Columbia, in the remote woods of Ontario or on the tundra of Northern Canada, the Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide can help to get you out in one piece.

Disclaimer from the publisher:

  Although the Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide is based on the best available information, the author and publisher do not assume any liability whatsoever for any type of accident or injury that may arise from outdoor survival techniques covered in the book.

  This guide is not meant to be "how-to" reference guide for consuming wild plants.  We do not recommend experimentation by readers, and we caution that many of the plants in Canada, including some traditional medicines, are poisonous and harmful.  Be aware that many plants have similar species that might be misidentified, so consumption of plants, roots and berries must be conducted with the advice of an expert.


Pages: 256

Authors: Duane S. Radford

Publishers: Lone Pine Publishing

BISAC: REF031000

ISBN: 978-1-55105-605-0

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