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Thomas Nelson

God's Promises for Your Every Need, NKJV: 25th Anniversary Edition

God's Promises for Your Every Need, NKJV: 25th Anniversary Edition

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God's Promises® for Your Every Need quickly guides you to the most beloved and helpful verses for your circumstances, whether you're seeking God's promises and answers for your own life or for a friend.

No matter what season of life we are in, we need reassurance of God's promises to us--reminders that God is with us, ready to meet our needs with His love, provision, and direction. 

God's Promises® for Your Every Need provides:

  • Short readings and prayers, making it a perfect companion for time alone with God or as a giftable keepsake
  • A collection of hundreds of verses from the NKJV Bible arranged topically to address every season of life and answer your most pressing questions
  • Scriptures to comfort in times of worry, offer direction in times of crisis, and reassure you of God's love in times of discouragement

Whether you're considering this for a gift or self-purchase, you should know God's Promises® for Your Every Need is perfect for men and women of all ages.

With 15 million copies of God's Promises® books sold, these books are a perfect guide for when you crave a word of encouragement or you need biblical direction. When you live with God's promises in your life, you will be blessed beyond your wildest imagination.

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