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Jesus, God's Great Gift: Biblical Values, Level 2

Jesus, God's Great Gift: Biblical Values, Level 2

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Young readers will begin reading short sentences and learning simple concepts in this Level Two I Can Read book. Children will learn about the Christmas story and why Jesus’s birth was so important.

Jesus, God’s Great Gift is perfect for:

  • Early readers ages 4-8, including children in Pre-K through third grade
  • Teaching new readers how to sound out words and use context clues
  • Sparking conversations about the real meaning of Christmas and why Jesus had to come to earth

Baby Jesus was born in a barn. But people knew he was special right away because of the star shining overhead. What would Jesus grow up to be?

Jesus, God’s Great Gift:

  • Features the vibrant and engaging artwork of Dennis Jones, illustrator of The Read with Me Bible
  • Is a perfect Christmas and holiday gift for boys and girls, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren
  • Makes the Christmas story easy to understand, in words young children can read themselves

If you enjoy Jesus, God’s Great Gift, be sure to also check out the other I Can Read Biblical Values Level 2 titles, including Jesus, God’s Only Son; Adam and Eve, God’s First People; and Noah and God’s Great Promise.

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