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Heritage Musical Spoons

Large Musical Spoons

Large Musical Spoons

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Introducing our ‘Large Musical Spoon’ (otherwise known as a ‘Boite-a-Bois’) for all percussion instruments lovers. It's the perfect tool to bring a new element of sound to the table no matter your musical ability.
  • Carved from first-grade maple wood.
  • Hand-made in Canada.
  • Minimal shape makes holding and playing effortless.
  • 10.5” long - 4.2 ounces
  • Instructions included
The flat bottom cavity produces a rich tone that reverberates from a smooth striking action. It’s unique yet easy to master, with a wide range of styles and techniques to be explored.
The larger size of this set allows for faster beats and rapid switching between different pitches and volumes. We recommend it if you want to create more complex and intricate soundscapes.
Each of our spoons is carefully designed and expertly handcrafted, so you can buy percussion instruments that elevate your sound and push it to new places. Enjoy perfect balance and an outstanding look that’s bound to impress your contemporaries with a variety of colors and finishes you can match to your style.
Our spoons are the perfect gift for any music enthusiast. Looking to buy musical instruments for kids? This percussion set will help them hone their skills and develop their ear for music. A learner yourself? Our easy-to-use spoons are a great first entry into the world of percussion – and the musical possibilities are endless.
So get a grip on the coolest instrument around and create sounds like never before!

How to choose the right musical spoon?

The size of the spoons won't influence how easy it is to play with  --  small, medium and large are all equally easy to play.  What will change from one spoon size to another is its tone and what you can do with it. 

Small spoon

The small spoon produces the highest tone of the three sizes. This is our entry-level size, and we also recommended it for children ages 3 to 6.

Medium spoon

The medium spoon produces a nice low tone. It's the perfect size for adults who want to start playing the musical spoons as well as for kids age 6 and up. Its design is inspired by two traditional spoons joined together.

Large spoon

The most versatile size offered by Heritage Musical Spoons. The flat bottom cavity of the large spoon makes it easy to modulate and change the tones. This spoon's longer design also allows you to perform faster beats. This is the sizes best preferred by musicians and percussionists.

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