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Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten

Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten

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Is your child a fan of princesses and fairy tales? Join Princess Grace in this charming picture book based on the Parable of the Lost Sheep in Matthew 18:12–14, which helps teach young children ages 4-8 about God’s love and his devoted care.

In Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten, Princess Grace promises her father she will care for the kittens she found in the castle. But then Poppy, the curious kitten, runs away. Princess Grace must find him, even if it means searching the entire kingdom …. including the scary Black Woods. Along the way, she and her sisters remember a parable Jesus told about God’s great love for us and how he too searches for each one who is lost.

Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten:

  • Has beautiful full-color illustrations
  • Presents biblical themes and values in a fun and approachable way
  • Is the perfect book for princess lovers ages 4-8
  • Has a lovely cover that features bright tones and a fairy-tale feel

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